2D String Installation Review 

Our 2d classes were asked to create a string installation on a big white wall. We had a blast making this installation. There were so many different ways to create this installation and I must say it came out quite interesting. What I liked most about it was the variety and creativity in which different people came up with. I saw shapes and patterns that I wouldn’t have thought of and it was quite mind blowing.

What also made the patterns  and shapes interesting was the amount of details that went into it. For some shapes, it was very easy to see which lines were easy supposed to be further away and which lines were supposed to be closer. This was because of their use of thinner and thicker strings. This gives the human eye a good sense of value and depth, which makes the shapes look more realistic yet interesting.

Another reason why this installation was so successful is because of how unified it was. Each shape had another shape that looked similar to it and that gave us a sense of repetition and grouping. Some shapes were the same but varied in size and proportion and that showed the relationship between them which also shows unity. Each pattern and shape had different amounts of emphasis based on how light and dark the lines were, and how much string went into making a particular shape. The emphasis and contrast are part of what made the installation unified.

The overall effect of this installation is how it is able to catch anybody’s eye because of everything that went into it. Everyone ‘s different ideas is what makes this installation so successful. The collaborative process was also a success because we were all able to accept each other’s ideas and unify everything.