Assignment number 4: 2 point perspective 

  For this assignment, we were to chose an interior space and draw it in 2 point perspective along with the objects in it. I had a bit of trouble with this particular assignment because not everything that I drew points directly to the horizon line as it should. I got some constructive criticism to make it better. I learned that I need to make sure my horizon line is accurate and make sure that each object points to that line. It’ll also help to position other objects such as the bed and make it accurate according to the perspective. 


Drawing assignment #2

This is my organizational drawing for drawing II. It consists of a chair, a book, an easel, a detergent bottle, a belt, and a mirror stand. For certain objects, drawing and connecting the organizational lines were pretty easy. For some other objects, they were not. The critique we had in class helped me with knowing how to draw my lines better. I learned that I need to plot my angles better and get in a good spot so that I can get a strong perspective. Overall I’m still working on my organizational lines and skills and I will continue to work on it until it’s perfected. 

First drawing assignment.

This was very first contour assignment from my drawing class. I decided to draw the objects on my dorm dresser because it kind of gives of a sense my personality. I chose it because I had different objects that varied in sizes. I received some constructive feedback which could help me with my drawing more in the future. I learned that I needed to work on my perspective so that it appears more realistic.