Final Project Hybrid

Here is the final result of my Hybrid Project:


I wanted to do something with natural hair and seeing it as beautiful and unique. So I decided to create a collaged, digital look . I live-traced the picture in illustrator and I collaged painted flowers to her hair. I used water color and pastel as my physical media. For the pieces on her body, I wanted to do more collaging while keeping the image the same so I used watercolor again to incorporate that. I feel that it came out successful and I  was able to go along with my idea. I hope anyone who views this is able to appreciate it because I enjoyed creating it.


Final Project Hybrid proposal.

For my final project, we are supposed to combine digital art and physical art together. For this project I plan to create something that is already digital, and make it physical. I plan on using this image of a singer with an afro and then altering it in illustrator.ESpalding white image©TomAllen

After I’m done altering the picture, I am going to add painted flowers to her hair as part of a collage.

Human Movement Video.

For this assignment, I stuck with my idea and decided to do a video about free time and relaxation. I wanted to incorporate the little things that I like to do that makes me feel relaxed and less stressed. The music I chose to go along with it is also relaxing and so I felt that it would match the theme. Here is the link to my video: