Propaganda Project


For my propaganda project, I wanted to discuss an issue that not a lot of people know about.  I decided to talk about discrimination against people with a tighter hair texture in the workplace. Some jobs don’t allow certain individuals to wear their the way it naturally is, whether it’s in an afro or dreadlocks because they feel that it looks unprofessional. I believe that’s a problem that needs to be addressed so I decided to bring that to light for this project. I also wanted my composition to go along with the theme of my subject so I made it to have more of a professional desk theme rather than a harsh propaganda theme. I learned a lot of interesting things and from working on this project. I hope that whoever reads my poster can take something away from it too.


Post card assignment

This assignment was to make a postcard and mail it out so that the recipients can alter it however they please. I hope everyone who receives my postcard has fun with it and gets creative with it. It’s going to be really interesting to see what people come up with and decide to do.

Digital media self portrait proposal

The full COSMOS field (UltraVISTA)

So for our next assignment in digital media, we are to create a surreal self portrait using photoshop techniques. Since it’s a self-portrait, I plan to use images that represent myself but in a more interesting and thought-provoking way. Things and ideas that represent me and what I like include family, friends, food, and music. Those things and ideas will be represented in the picture.

First I plan to create a background/happy place. Somewhere I can definitely see myself. Once I do that, then I will start to integrate my pictures and other images that will go into it.

Digital media first assignment

Our first project for Digital Media was to create a Surreal world using the techniques and skills we’ve learned on photoshop. I chose to use a picture from Myrtle beach as my background for the image. I then used other pictures I had taken from other vacations as collages for it. I learned things from this assignment and I hope to learn more as a I progress forward in this class. longe_surreal

Alberto Seveso (Digital Artist)

Alberto Seveso is an Italian graphic/digital artist. Although he was born and raised in Italy, most of his work surfaced in the UK and that is where he began to get most of his recognition from. Ever since he was a kid he has always been interested in graphic and digital art. He was always interested in the art of little things like album covers, skate decks and anything graphical. As his success continued to grow, he began to work for companies like Nike, Gq magazine, Disney, ESPN magazine e.t.c.

Here are some images of some of his artwork:




I enjoy his artwork not only because of how obviously beautiful they are, but also because of the intricate little details that make the piece. The way everything just comes together works perfectly and it is visually pleasing to the eye. I also enjoy the different bursts of color he uses. He is definitely one of the artists that inspires me when it comes to this field of art.


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