3d sculptures.

   First Sculpture.
   Second sculpture.


What being successful means to me.

What is the meaning of being successful? The dictionary defines it as: “accomplishing an aim or purpose ” and “having achieved popularity, profit, or distinction. I believe both of these definitions to be true, but I also have my own definition of what I think success is. To me, being successful means not only doing or being something that pays well or brings abundance, but doing or being something that makes you happy.

In today’s society One is not considered successful unless they are rich and or famous. But there’s so much more to it. I also believe that if you have a goal and you’ve set your mind to it, that’s also considered as being successful.  For example, I’m a student who seeks to become an artist with a minor in music someday in the future. To some people, that doesn’t seem like the ideal career choice to them because it doesn’t make enough money. Well I believe if it makes me happy and I continue to work hard, I will get bigger and more opportunities which will lead to a lifestyle of success. Then I can look back and see what I have accomplished and be proud.

I also believe success brings out the motivation to be more successful. Once you’re successful, you’ll want to continue excelling and achieving more goals and happiness. It motivates you to become more hardworking as well. That also is another form of success. Once you have reached the point of wanting to keep working hard and excelling, that’s succeeding mentally.

Examples of people who are successful in my eyes are Martin Luther King Jr. , Nelson Mandela, and Steve Jobs. Martin Luther was successful because he changed a whole generation. Nelson Mandela was successful for the same thing as well. Even though he went through struggles, he lived to see what he had done and accomplished. That is great success. Steve Jobs was also successful because he did what loved to do and it’s a successful business.

Being successful means being happy doing what you love, accomplishing your goals and being happy with it.

Andrea Myers lecture reflection 

Last Friday, I had the pleasure of listening to well-known artist, Andrea Myers. She does art that includes sculpting, painting, and working with other objects like fabric, paper, and ziplock bags. Before Mrs. Myers became an artist, she actually began as a humanities/ English major at Carnegie Mellon University. She then transferred to Ohio State and then to the SAIC, which stands for a School of Art Institution of Chicago. That’s is where she decided to pursue art.

Her work is incredibly unique and creative. She uses different materials to create other existing objects. She also does a lot of abstract work which to me, is also very unique. I was inspired by Andrea Myers’ art because as I mentioned earlier, she’s unique and she does what she enjoys. She is a prime example of one of the many successful artists in the country. Her work also inspired me to try new things and new challenges. Abstract work and art is not really my field of study but because her work was so cool, it made me want to explore a little bit more.

Overall, Andrea Myers is a wonderful artist and a good inspiration to other artists and other upcoming artists.

Three fun facts about Andrea Myers: 1) She lived in the woods for a year. 2) She branched on to making her own fabric. 3) She taught at CCAD in 2013.