Alberto Seveso (Digital Artist)

Alberto Seveso is an Italian graphic/digital artist. Although he was born and raised in Italy, most of his work surfaced in the UK and that is where he began to get most of his recognition from. Ever since he was a kid he has always been interested in graphic and digital art. He was always interested in the art of little things like album covers, skate decks and anything graphical. As his success continued to grow, he began to work for companies like Nike, Gq magazine, Disney, ESPN magazine e.t.c.

Here are some images of some of his artwork:




I enjoy his artwork not only because of how obviously beautiful they are, but also because of the intricate little details that make the piece. The way everything just comes together works perfectly and it is visually pleasing to the eye. I also enjoy the different bursts of color he uses. He is definitely one of the artists that inspires me when it comes to this field of art.


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