Digital media self portrait proposal

The full COSMOS field (UltraVISTA)

So for our next assignment in digital media, we are to create a surreal self portrait using photoshop techniques. Since it’s a self-portrait, I plan to use images that represent myself but in a more interesting and thought-provoking way. Things and ideas that represent me and what I like include family, friends, food, and music. Those things and ideas will be represented in the picture.

First I plan to create a background/happy place. Somewhere I can definitely see myself. Once I do that, then I will start to integrate my pictures and other images that will go into it.


Digital media first assignment

Our first project for Digital Media was to create a Surreal world using the techniques and skills we’ve learned on photoshop. I chose to use a picture from Myrtle beach as my background for the image. I then used other pictures I had taken from other vacations as collages for it. I learned things from this assignment and I hope to learn more as a I progress forward in this class. longe_surreal