Site specific art proposal 

My proposal for my site specific art is to add and make something that I’m passionate about to a specific space. I decided to create a piano and add to a picture of the the Center for Performing Arts building. I felt like it needed a little something extra.  



3D cardboard project critique.

Our newest 3D project was to create a human-like figure using the objects we already had made out of cardboard. Prior to that, my classmates and I created regular objects out of cardboard and we all put them together to create something new. Overall I thought it was a success. We were divided into three groups to work on different parts of the body. There was the head, the torso, and the legs. Not only did we put the parts together, we also made sure each body part had a special meaning and metaphor that connects all the parts together. My group and I worked on the head. All the pieces that connected the head included two cameras, a computer keyboard, a radio, a jewelry box, and a mirror. The cameras represent the figure capturing memories. The keyboard represents it’s thinking and all its ideas. The radio represents the music and an escape from reality and everything. The jewelry box represents precious treasures and memories. And the mirror represents its image and perception of itself at the back of its mind. So each object had its own interpretation that made the whole body part unique and meaningful. 

As far as collaboration went, it was very successful and everything came out together perfectly.