Self-reflection essay

By: Omolara Longe

As an upcoming and growing artist, I have had many influences throughout my life. Ever since I was a kid, I was always inspired by the beauty of nature and color and everything around us. From objects like flowers and animals, to pop culture images I saw on television such as cartoons, they’ve all inspired and contributed to my passion for visual art. Apart from the little inspirations around me, there are a few successful artists that inspire me as well. Georgia O’keefe, the painter, inspires me because of how fluid and beautiful her work is. Although she draws simple objects like flowers, she draws them such a unique way that makes the viewer want to stare at it in awe. I also enjoy the use of color in her paintings. She makes them bright and beautiful and they’re aesthetically pleasing visually. I also believes she incorporates the concept of femininity in her work which is also something I admire.

When I decided to take a few art classes in high school, I learned about a few things that I had not thought of that made art realistic such as perspective. This gave me a new insight into art and I started to incorporate that into my work.

Upon entering college and deciding that art is what I wanted to pursue in the future, I learned more skills and information that would help me become better as an artist. I also took a few art history classes and learned about all the unique artists and art from different time periods. One artist that stood out to me from Art History 2 was Caravaggio. I love how authentic and raw his work is. He went through plenty of hardships throughout his life and that showed in his work and I find that very interesting.

I took some drawing classes which helped me expand and practice my knowledge of perspective. I learned how to properly draw the anatomy of the human body and the little details that make the piece great. I also took some classes I hadn’t taken before. I took 3D, 2D, printmaking, and sculpture. Those classes helped with become more rounded and helped me figure out what specifically I would like to concentrate on as an artist. As of right now, I’m taking digital media and I enjoy that quite a lot. An artist that inspires me right now in this field is Alberto Seveso. He is a independent digital artist who also became designer for big name companies such as Disney and Nike. When it comes to digital art he’s someone I look up to.  I’m leaning towards drawing and painting. I’m leaning towards those because I believe I’m stronger in those fields and it’s just what I enjoy.

These are just a few things that inspire me as an artist and I hope to become more inspired as I grow and learn more in this field.