Challenges and expectations at KSU

Starting Kent State was the beginning of a new chapter. New friends, new environment, new responsibilities, and new found freedom. Everything couldn’t be better. It felt like home away from home. But just when you think everything is wonderful, you start to face challenges.

Some challenges that I faced were: missing home, handling things on my own, and self discipline. Even though Kent felt like home, I still missed my real home and my  family and friends. It was different and I wasn’t so used to it. But I overcame that challenge by keeping in touch weekly. I would make sure I communicated with them over social media and FaceTime. That helped a lot with my homesickness. 

Another thing  that I mentioned earlier was handling things on my own. This wasn’t too much of a challenge because it was expected but there were times when I would find myself in a situation where I would have to make my own decisions. I always tried to make sure I made the most reasonable and wise decision. Another personal challenge I faced was self discipline. I am a huge procrastinator. I realize I can’t get by that way in college so I just had to make myself do anything that was of importance that I was putting off. And once I did what I was supposed to do, i feel good about myself.

Aside from personal challenges, I also faced some academic and creative challenges as well. My creative challenges were that I didn’t think my craftsmanship in my art classes were great. I overcame that by practicing and working harder and paying attention to details and also believing in myself. My work has gotten better since then. I overcame my academic challenges by studying more and using any resources that could help me. 

These are ways that helped me overcome some of the challenges I faced after coming to Kent state. I hope anyone else facing these or any other challenges overcomes them as well. 


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