Lost in translation 


 Last Friday, my classmate and I played a game where we had to sit back to back and describe to each other what we were drawing. The one she described is on top and to the left. It is supposed to be the bottom of the sea with all the corals and seaweed. The one I described is on the bottom and on the left. It is supposed to be two people laying on a hill watching the birds and the sunset. As you can see, her drawing came out bigger than mine. It was accurate for the most part but it still looks a bit different because we see things differently. This game is called “Lost in Translation”. What I learned from the game and assignment is that everyone has different views and perspective on things. Even though we heard the same description, our drawings came out a little different from each other. This shows that everyone is different. Everyone sees things differently, everyone hears things differently, and everything interprets things differently. That’s what makes things different and diverse in this world.

Another thing that I learned and we had to do was listen carefully. If I had not listened my drawing would have come out even more different than what it is now. That teaches us that listening is very important for communication. That also brings me to the next thing I’m going to talk about which is communication.

Communication is key to almost anything. Without communication, nothing would be done or done properly. My partner and I made sure that we both understood each other.

If we didn’t use these three things, our instructions would have been lost in translation. If these three things were not used in the world, things would be very chaotic. And our world would not be interesting. That’s why having your own perspective, listening and communicating are very important.


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