My first week experience at Kent State University.

My first week experience at Kent State University was remarkable. The staff made me feel like I was at home and everyone just made me feel welcome. The most memorable part of the week was attending Blast Off 2015. That was also an amazing experience. There were so many things that one could get involved in. My favorite part of the night was the concert. That was an awesome way to end the night.

What I expected about Kent was that it would be extremely huge. I already knew it was a big and successful school. What I didn’t expect was that it would have so many clubs and fun activities. That made me a whole lot happier for choosing Kent State. As much as I enjoyed everything that I have talked about so far, I also ran into some challenges. One of them was trying to find my classes. It was a little difficult trying to find them at first but as soon as I asked some awesome upperclassmen, they helped me which made things a whole lot easier. Another challenge that I faced was not having enough supplies for particular classes. Kent State has a bookstore that offers plenty of supplies in one is ever in need of them. There are also convenient supply stores downtown which is right next to Kent.

Overall my experience at Kent was unforgettable. My advice to anyone who is coming to Kent is to come with good expectations because Kent State will exceed them and to get ready for four years of education, experience and fun.


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